Search engine optimisation: Why Google?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) meets the necessary requirements for success on the Internet, which today is only achievable through a good ranking of your websites on the search engines, as they generate the majority of the entire web traffic
We define SEO as a service that lets your websites be found on
search engines and systematically improves their ranking on the search engines.


With a market share of more than 90%, Google receives and processes by far the most enquiries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is the most important target of positioning and optimisation measures far ahead of Yahoo and Bing.

Search engine optimisation with Google as the target is thus guaranteed to cover the majority of search enquiries.

Google and Co. list the search results on search results lists by relevant content (relevance for Google). These results are also determined by how often certain search terms appear and where on a page such terms are repeated. The so-called meta tags (HTML markup elements such as title, header, bold, etc.) are also considered in these results when it comes to Google-specific search engine optimisation.
Search engine optimisation currently means to base all optimisation measures on Google’s “Guidelines for webmasters”, i.e. to take Google into consideration in the search optimisation measures in order to guarantee the search engine optimisation quality. The adherence to the guidelines published by Google ensures that websites are not rated negatively by Google. If required, we modify websites to make them more search engine-friendly, and we carry out all SEO measures on your web pages in adherence to the Google guidelines. We also advice and support you on a project basis and develop contents, i.e. texts for articles, blogs, testimonials, white papers or services, or supply images and videos for illustration purposes and to emphasise and emotionalise the topic. We guarantee high-quality SEO results and give you a prognosis for your online potentials without any obligation.


With our expertise and experience, ant marketing will ensure that new customers find you when searching for your services!