Successful search engine optimisation (SEO)

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Are your webpages appealing enough to attract a large number of visitors?

If you have the most original and creative website but do not attract enough visitors, your website will ultimately remain unprofitable and you will lose revenue to your competitors.


This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in.


But we go yet another step further and show our customers how they can deploy SEO at their company even more cost-effectively using their employees without needing to hire an agency.
Some large brand-name companies spend large amounts of money on creating fantastic websites, but they often overlook the tasks and budget necessary to actually generate natural
search engine traffic. That is the same as opening your shop on a very remote country lane, while all your customer shop in the nearby city.
The best way to boost natural search engine traffic is to ensure that your entire website is signposted properly, which is what ant marketing specialises in.  Because we have the skills and the expertise to make sure that your company receives the best possible support in the form of a well-structured, comprehensive optimisation plan, which is sure to see your website climb up the rankings very quickly:
* We carry out a comprehensive 
website check on-site including extensive keyword research.   

* We create an ongoing link buildingprogramme.   

* We continuously monitor and evaluate the effects of the SEO measures

ant marketing knows the pitfalls and impact of website relaunches or migrations. Our team will minimise all risks and ensure that "business as usual” will return as quickly as possible.  


Being found on search engines, especially Google (see explanation why it is worth focusing on Google in particular), is important for any commercial website.


Top rankings in the organic search results not only generate more contacts and leads, but also boost the confidence of existing customers, partners, employees and the interested public in a company’s abilities and competence.


We look forward to your enquiry without obligation and hearing about your individual requirements.


Website analysis

Website Analysis is crucial
No SEO without analysis

Before any SEO measures can be implemented efficiently, we carry out comprehensive website analyses, which provide us with a detailed picture of our clients’ (and their competitors’) websites, including any problems or areas of potential, thanks to our complete range of proprietary analysis tools, our SEM database (with SEM data on the approximately 20 million keywords), bought-in special tools and of course the Google Tools and Google APIs. This serves to identify the major determinable and changeable factors that influence the ranking and makes it possible to define the most effective optimisation measures (SEO).


As part of the SEO analyses, the semantic relevance of individual keywords within complex website structures is calculated from a search engine perspective, the visibility in relation to industry-relevant keywords is measured, backlinks are identified, W3C conformity is assessed, accessibility is evaluated and various domain details are identified.

Based on the analysis results, our specialised online editors create the content, links and Social Media activities necessary for your website to achieve top results precisely and thus cost efficiently.

To facilitate successful and sustainable search engine optimisation, we support our customers in taking the first step on a tried and tested path, i.e. a methodological process model that has demonstrated its worth through numerous successful optimisations - our SEO website analysis.


Our analysis creates the foundation for improving the rankings of your websites in the Google search results - under exactly those keywords that are relevant for your industry! We will analyse your entire website thoroughly right up to the second level applying the dual control principle (two search engine optimisers) and using our SEO tools, as well as accessing the relevant APIs and databases. In the process, we will also create a Google optimisation strategy including a functional specification document (approximately 60 pages) with a clear diagnosis and a recommended course of action that can be implemented immediately.