What SEO is really about: performance with guaranteed quality through our 5-stage model

The vast world of web designers and their unvisited websites

Website ruin with no visitors
Website ruin with no visitors

There seem to be only few alternatives when it comes to improving your findability and positioning commercial websites. Everyone is talking about SEO, and if you believe every provider in the market, you might think that these days anyone offering web design and HTML programming is able to provide search engine optimisation as well.


“SEO included”, or “Programming and web design are optimised for search engines”, or “optimised for Google” are the typical catch phrases used by providers offering web project implementation. SEO as a free bonus, so to speak.


But reality tells a different story. In stark contrast to the boastful promises of web designers, most websites are not valid but flawed and thus don't even meet Google’s minimum requirements - that means they cannot appear in the rankings at all, if they are even found and crawled in the first place.

It is a myth that skilled web programmers and creative web designers are by default capable SEO consultants or experienced SEO experts as well. Despite all the award-winning references and results proudly promised by prominent brand names - a noteworthy amount of traffic (growth) can ONLY generated through 


The unvisited relaunches and optimisation ruins of the websites we see on a daily basis as part of our website audits tell the real story about the professionalism of a typicalweb designer.


Please also read our latest blog entry on this subject: Most companies fail the Google check.


If you are not planning to set up a website museum with an award-winning design but want interested users and visitors instead, start by challenging the arrogance of the “web architects” by letting us check which parts of your website were built in a sloppy fashion.


We will document all flaws in a list of deficiencies, which contains hard facts rather than pseudo-psychological design usability drivel.


Run a website analysis now!


A methodological and analytical approach guarantees quality and thus sustainable success

Today, professional search engine optimisation is becoming increasingly important in B2B and is rightly considered one of the most effective types of advertising out there.

However, this can only be achieved if SEO is integrated in the corporate processes and aligned with the marketing and sales objectives.

Therefore, we provide proficient and need-based advice and support to our clients throughout the five stages of online marketing:



ant marketing 5-stage online marketing model
ant marketing 5-stage online marketing model

1. Strategy

Target (group) definition, competitor analysis, channel selection, website audit, trend analysis, planning


2. A selection of our partners and tools

SEO tools (SW tools), performance indicators, briefing and pitch for the implementation of stages 3 and 4  


3. SEM

Google AdWords: keyword selection, ad copy, context selection, bid management, controlling, increased conversion rates


4. SEO

Google’s organic results lists (SERP): website analysis, technical modifications, content editing (on-page) and reputation building (off-page)


5. Controlling

SEO controlling and SEM controlling: continuous measurement of the indicators and adjustments, identification of potentials and problem areas, reviews


Interested clients often expect us to focus on stage 4, namely on search engine optimisation, as they expect this to bring the most success. If stages 1-3 have delivered usable results, SEO measures (stage 4) can be commenced right away.


Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Our practical experiences as search engine marketing experts have shown that medium- and long-term investments into SEO are only money well spent if they are based on a solid foundation. If the weaknesses and potentials for improvement of the website compared to competitors are not analysed  in terms of converting keywords, and if there is no concept for communications or content, the search engine optimisation project is nothing but a kamikaze operation with an uncertain ending.

Our customers know that it is necessary to take a solid methodological approach.