Online Marketing Consultancy

Glowing times in the media segment
Glowing times in the media segment

ant marketing advices domestic and international companies, in particularly in matters relating to online marketing strategy and business development.

In times of Google & Co., classic media such as TV, print and radio are faced with slumping figures which in parts even threaten their very existence.

The advertising style of Grandpa’s times is dead.

Intrusive email and telephone marketing campaigns bother unnerved decision-makers who - like yourself - want to decide for themselves who they wish to communicate with.

Attending trade fairs is expensive, and ads in newspapers and magazines cost a fortune yet don’t really reach the desired target group.

For B2C companies, television advertising is still an attention-grabbing but very expensive option to reach an aging target group with huge scattering losses.


In the light of the rapid growth of the social networks such as Facebook, XING and LinkedIn, classic media consumption is set to decline further - interaction with like-minded people and personally selecting contents based on one’s own interests is on the increase among all relevant target and age groups. To enable potential customers to find you, your have to get your website displayed where 92% of all searching users go to find their answers: on page 1 on Google and on the social networks.


Our SEO consulting services

A consultation with the objective of optimally editing your website visually and technologically (all contents and products). For example, this includes search engine optimisation of content management systems and server configurations, URL rewriting and performance tracking.


A consultation with the objective of optimally editing your web site in terms of content and text to increase the relevance for search engines (semantic search engine optimisation).


To achieve a higher search engine ranking, ant marketing analyses the external links and develops a link strategy to boost the link popularity.


Search engine optimisation through contentual and technological reconstruction: if you are planning to redesign your website, it is important to edit your web pages optimally for Google right from the outset. In the process, it is crucial to recognise critical factors in addition to the general requirements in order to maintain the web history and other valuable existing rankings resulting from previous SEO measures.


Search engine optimisation for your website has already entered the testing phase. Your website will be optimally geared towards the Google guidelines before the Googlebot indexes your pages. In this way, you will prevent that the wrong search terms are and sensitive pages are communicated or that poorly edited URLs are indexed involuntarily.