Lead Generation

Sales 2.0

More leads. More new customers.

  1. Better qualification. As we have traffic and website tools/instruments to see where the big guys invest and where the potential is in terms of product/campaign/problem area/benchmark with competition/social network engagement and their direction we can deliver much better pre-qualified targets with recommendations for lead generation.
  2. Better online marketing expertise. As we build and optimize websites as our core competence we will most effectively increase your visibility in Germany online and generate leads and relevance in the web.
  3. Internationality. We deliver DACH wide our services with our offices in Switzerland and Germany/Cologne.


So we enrich traditional dialogue marketing in an efficient way with online marketing.


Example for a typical proposal:


1.    Identification of the targets and their potential (with a brief traffic-, Social Network and Website analysis) and target account contact database development

We identify companies out of the top 200.000 Enterprise companies

ant marketing will check the B2C website(s) in order to increase the hitrate of appointments and future closings with a good preparation for cold calls make a brief analysis about:

a.    number of visitors/pageviews per month

b.    key products / key campaigns / do they use SEM?

c.    engagement and fields of interest in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. do they have a Social Marketing strategy



2.    ant marketing will identify 3-5 contacts per company

  • Head / Director of Sales
  • Head / Director of Marketing
  • Head /  Director of eCommerce / Online / Digital
  • MD
  • Head / Director of Customer Service / Contact Centre



3.    Email campaign – phase 1 (before this we suggest to do a market survey (telephone interviews to get to know spendings, budget, projects, experience, competition etc.)) and an SEM campaign (because Email response without awareness creation could be poor)

a.    Start with Top 5000 companies, but expand to other sectors

b.    We will translate your product brochures in German

c.    We develop landing page for information and registration and provide the hosting

d.    We execute the campaign and monitor open, click through, bounce backs


4.    Translation of fulfilment document – quote or recommend translator

Criteria for your solution / your product White Paper – 12 pages, 4000 words


5.    Telemarketing follow up

Follow up business development calls to arrange meetings and identify interest

We suggest two alternative payment schemes.


6.    Development and hosting of the Website with some translation, but also adaption.


This service is delivered exclusively for companies in non German speaking countries, who would like to enter the German marketplace.