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Search engine optimization (SEO)

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Effective SEO from a Google point of view

Before any SEO measures can be implemented efficiently, we carry out comprehensive website analyses, which provide us with a detailed picture of our clients’ and their competitors’ websites, including any problems or areas with potential, thanks to our complete range of proprietary analysis and management tools, such as EMC³ (Effective Management of Communication Channels), our SEM database (with SEM data on the approximately 25 million keywords), bought-in special tools (e.g. SEO suites) and of course the Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Analytics, Keyword Tools and the Google APIs. >> More...


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Search engine marketing

As the world’s most successful search engine by far, Google uses AdWords to display precisely those ads to 50 million searching users a day that match the keywords and context of their particular search enquiries. In the process, Google adopts a fair performance-based billing policy whereby only those visitors who clicked on the client’s ad and thus reached the client’s landing page are counted and billed for.


So far, so simple. In reality, however, this is a highly complex area: its success is based on the fine-tuning and continuous monitoring of numerous parameters (context, bid prices, etc.). A number of decisions must be taken... >> More...


Online marketing consulting

ant marketing advices domestic and international companies, in particular in matters relating to online marketing strategy and business development.

In times of Google & Co., classic media such as TV, print and radio are... >> More...


Lead generation and dialogue marketing

Today, potentials for acquiring new customers are increasingly exploited through communication channels that did not yet exist ten years ago.


The greater use of Google and the professional social networks such as XING and LinkedIn means that the “classic" acquisition methods of sales veterans have fallen more and more behind.


According to a recent study, business customers today research as many as 80% of their suppliers on the Internet. As a consequence, companies that cannot be found through the relevant keywords are losing market shares to competitors who have optimised their online communications early on.


In order to benefit from the new acquisition technique,... >> More