Are you interested in professional SEO?

Would you like to introduce professional search engine optimization to your business?

You are aware that your company is losing a lot of business due to the poor ranking of your website?

SEO is Google Optimization
SEO requires meticulous keyword tool specialists

Then you have come to the right place.


Because we consider SEO (search engine optimization) as a continuous quality and service process to optimise your website in terms of visibility and ranking in search engines. And today that can only be achieved by experts using their professional tools and resources.


With a market share of more than 93%, Google processes by far the most search enquiries in Germany and is therefore our most important target for top rankings, far ahead of Yahoo and Bing.

The USP and thus the foundation of Google‘s success is the quality of the natural or organic search results. Google ranks search results and their ranking on the search results lists by relevance in terms of contents and popularity. For example, Google evaluates the relevance of the contents of texts by measuring the density, position and frequency of the featured terms, i.e. the Googlebot measures how often, where and in which HTML markup elements (tags) a term (keyword) is repeated on a website. In addition, Google deploys PageRank to also check the number of other websites that link to your content (so-called backlinks).


To guarantee the excellent quality of the search results, Google has published guidelines for web masters on which all optimisation measures should be based to avoid being rated negatively by Google.


ant marketing carries out analyses and search engine optimisation measures on your web pages, advices and supports freelancers and companies in their online reputation management and in social media optimisation (SMO) in the social networks.


We consider success-based remuneration according to the actually achieved top rankings on the first search results lists a matter of course. We would be pleased to provide you with an optimisation assessment without obligation.


It is important for any commercial website to be visible in search engines, especially Google. In addition to targeted ad campaigns (AdWords/SEM), top rankings in the organic search results not only generate more contacts and leads, but also boost the confidence of existing customers, partners, employees and the interested public in a company’s abilities and competence.