Efficient online marketing is indispensible - just take a look at your website’s visitor statistics!

Everybody is searching your products & services
B2B: Target group traffic is important

How does efficient online marketing work in the year 2013? AdWords? SEO? Banners? Emails?

Can Google generate new customers for your business?


In times in which no company can afford to only be found on Google under its own name but remain invisible for new customers, there is no longer any debate about where and how customers today search for and find services and companies. Of course on Google & Co., where else?


How can companies ensure that they are found in prominent positions under the keywords relevant for them on search engines such as Google? What needs to be taken into consideration? >> List of the most important questions


In short: 

You need to optimise your website for Google and position current, useful and relevant contents in the highly frequented online media which your customers obviously trust (most of all Google).


And this is precisely where we support our clients with tailor-made solutions.


Users spend more and more time in online communication channels such as news websites, portals, blogs and in social networks, while the relative share of usage of daily newspapers, magazines, radio and television has been decreasing for several years (online study by ARD and ZDF, see also Media shift). For all types of search enquiries, Google presents a list of websites (organic search results) that are listed by relevance. In addition, Google presents up to ten paid ads on the right-hand side and up to three at the top above the organic search results, the AdWords, if AdWords customers have placed an ad for the keyword (or keyword combination) and if their bid for the keyword was sufficient.


In Germany, Google displays approximately 1,800,000 AdWords ads (impressions) per minute, and AdWords generated a turnover of $11.3 billion USD for Google in the last quarter of 2012.

The organic search results are a free service which only becomes possible through the high user volumes of up to 34 million Internet users for google.de, who the AdWords ad customers address in a manner that is geared to specific target groups. (Our free service >>>Traffic check for your website)

Apart from AdWords, Google offers an excellent combination of placement costs, contact fee and range whilst guaranteeing minimal scattering losses. Ideally, advertising on Google is even virtually free via SEO.


Effective online marketing through stringent quality management and Google conformity checks for your websites

The basis of search engine optimization  

Optimisation of a website’s ranking within the organic search results on Google in strict adherence to the predefined guidelines. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a process which generates qualified visitors (traffic) through Google.


For economic and strategic reasons, this should be firmly established in the company on a permanent basis (in-house online marketing), as otherwise expensive dependencies on external agencies and programming companies may arise. Search engine optimisation with the objective of improving the ranking of one’s own website for certain keywords and the relevant measures can only be successful in the long term if the Google guidelines and modifications therein (so-called White Hat SEO) are observed conscientiously.


Important SEO issues:

  • SEM/SEO controlling and performance assessment  
  • Creation and editing of relevant content
  • Reputation building through links (qualitative link building
  • Improving the internal link structure
  • Template: SEO for improved user-friendliness
  • Organisation, structure and design of the website (especially for international contents and websites)
  • Creation of search engine friendly URLs
  • Avoiding “duplicated contents”


International search engine optimisation:

The international network of the ant marketing SEO consultants in various countries enables us to realise international SEO projects for the local target markets and search engines. 



Credentials for successful search engine optimisation


  1. Competition benchmarks through semantic and technical search engine analyses


5 facts before you decide in favour of search engine optimisation: