Online marketing potential in year 15 after the foundation of Google

Credo of an online entrepreneur

Business Consultant Michael H. Zachrau

“Most companies are only able to tap into a completely new range of marketing potentials, of which only a very small proportion has been developed so far, thanks to the fact that relevant product and company information is today available in mere milliseconds via Google following the rise of computers (access), mobile phones / smartphones (availability and communication) and the global dynamics of the social networks.
When it comes to indentifying and developing these potentials and subsequently expanding and adjusting the sales, marketing and communication structures in such a way that a continuous stream of leads can be processed in a qualified way, and customer preferences and competitor innovations can be recorded in due time, the company benefits from Michael H. Zachraus’s online marketing know-how, experience and tools as well as his
long-standing operational experience as sales and marketing line manager.


The phenomenal success of the Google business model naturally attracts a lot of attention and covetousness. Agencies, consultants and providers with members of staff who have both the necessary online know-how and management experiences that are critical for the final success (especially in sales/marketing) are few and far between. Very frequently, commonly known superficial information is nicely packaged in presentations and ineffective formulas are recommended. It is also not unusual that provider and client talk at cross-purposes with only minimal overlap. Those who meet such occurrences with scepticism are well advised. The times when DAX directors and VCs threw bundles of money at any sneaker-clad young entrepreneur have been over for feels like a century.

Entrepreneurs search until they find (more) convincing answers to their questions.

This is exactly why the evidently available potentials are currently not exploited even more rapidly and why a surprising number of online marketing projects are (still) failing. And this is precisely what ant marketing strives to change. Just like independent insurance brokers provide consulting services in the insurance sector, we start by identifying potentials and challenges, and deriving the requirements in cooperation with our clients (i.e. target market, keywords, website analysis, competition). In a second step, we then invite qualified providers to submit offers for those services which the company cannot cover due to insufficient capacities and know-how, coupled with a lack of confidence to take actions.

This saves time and money, and ensures success.”


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