About us

We strive to exceed YOUR sales and marketing objectives with the right online marketing mix.

Google has raised the bar too high for most websites
Google has raised the bar too high for most websites

We love what we do and that is online marketing for all matters related to search engines.


In the public competition for the best rankings, we tackle our tasks and goals with experience and ideas, a clear focus on results and a large portion of sporting ambition - without illegal doping (black hat techniques such as link purchases, content farms, etc.).


We use plain and simple language and do not hide behind tech speak, computer, online marketing or Internet jargons - instead, we speak your language and that of your customers: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese.


Critical success factors in online marketing

ant marketing is always focused on the eight crucial success factors in fiercely competitive industries:

  1. Your company’s objectives
  2. Your USPs
  3. Sustainable customer satisfaction
  4. Integrated communication
  5. Profitable turnover
  6. Effective sales support
  7. Highly efficient competition monitoring
  8. Effective trend and market analysis


Today, these success factors are efficiently supported by web optimisation.

By accelerating the introduction of the new online marketing tools and systematically applying them, your company will become more visible and successful, and prevail more strongly in a highly competitive environment.


Do you want to keep waiting and only read about our clients’ success stories instead of realising your own plans?


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ant marketing - our unique online marketing expertise

ant marketing is a novel type of Internet marketing agency with headquarters in Zug (near Zurich) and offices in Cologne/Bonn and Frankfurt.


What sets us apart from our competitors?



1. Our success is the measurable success of our clients, which is founded on our independence as a consulting firm, our online marketing expertise and our network.



2. Our consultants, online editors and web developers are established experts in their fields and entrepreneurs just like us! 



3. We try to avoid marketing jargon and Denglish. Instead, we understand and speak the languages of our clients: English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese.