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ant marketing supports clients in the EU and Switzerland.


Our service portfolio comprises consulting in the form of seminars, training sessions or workshops as well as services and project management in the following areas:


We carefully consider the whole range of available marketing channels in order to choose the right marketing mix that best meets your economic objectives.



Our added value for your online marketing

We consider ourselves consultants specialising in search engine marketing and strive to enable you or your employees to carry out SEO within your company independently. 

Our success is based on our experience with more than 200 satisfied customers both in Switzerland and abroad, our independence as an international consulting firm, our online marketing expertise and our partner networkas well as our proprietary SEM tools (e.g. additions to the Google Keyword Tool)


Our SEO/SEM consultantscopywritersweb designers and web developers are renowned experts in their fields of specialisation and take an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial approach. >> More


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SEO + Marketing

Want improve your Google ranking? Bored and tired of excuses?

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As an SEO agency, ant marketing combines analytical and semantic search engine optimisation and viral marketing with classic marketing and sales techniques.

In every seminar and each project, irrespective of whether the focus is on Google AdWords or search engine optimisation, we convey actionable knowledge, best practice and methodological competence for in-house SEO and in-house AdWords.


Today, companies with online success primarily define online performance marketing as Google optimisation. (Reasons for the monopoly situation in the search engine market)


With success-based billing models, online marketing investments achieve a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) today than classic advertising campaigns, and they can also be controlled better. >>More


How to address the hidden traffic-potential of your site

Gerhard Richter - Cologne Cathedral
Gerhard Richter - Cologne Cathedral

Your competitors are better positioned to Google? 
The organic results of your company are poor and with relevant keywords your site is not among the top10, not even top50? 
You suspect that something is wrong with your site? 
You have obviously had a listen and look around once before, what can be done and are now at a loss as contradictions and inconsistencies came out with your research? 
May have already invested - with no results? 
Or are you one of those who have delegated the issue to your employees, even though you might know that it is your job - a top priority! 

Most web-developers and web-designers show their poor knowledge about SEO every day. Their sites are invisible to the web, especially to Google. How come?


Find the tech speak,  acronym mania, extravagance in the promises and the spelling errors made by many providers of online marketing, and pushing and incomprehensible as it is superfluous and thus significant? 
Do you have time and patience to put up a critical look? 
If you are at it, linguistically and mentally adjust to the seller / provider of services, and is the subject of online marketing may only be transparent for web developers and Internet marketers fleet junkies - that to specialists? 
No, for them it is opaque and diffuse, many myths have grown up around such concepts as the Pagerank, trust, link popularity and content

Search engine market share in Germany

Market Share Search Engines Germany 2016
Market Share Search Engines Germany 2016

In the supposedly crucial Pagerank is as speculated that Google drops him entirely - what to make of self-appointed experts, which give the highest priority PagerankHow serious is the great and especially boastful Back Link Group (link = seller), which is seen by Google is extremely critical and expose their customers to the risk of excommunication from the Google index? (You hopefully have not become victim of such a ban. Then we could not help you, unfortunately. You then have been virtually excommunicated and can now only hope that Google loses its 92% market share in Europe to Bing, Yahoo & Co.  Probability, that this happens in the next 3-4 years: 0.01%) 
The experts differ in analysis and approach each other very much - there is little consensus. 

Our approach is: No activism - first analysis.
Tricky actions could damage your online reputation and more.

With a thorough analysis, then counseling, then quick win implementation - transparent and performance-oriented, afterwards we develop a sustainable SEO-quality guideline for your copywriters.