Up your Klout

6 Tips from the Pros to get a rock solid 70+ Klout-Score

by Michael Zachrau

Digital Marketing Strategist, Conversion Chaser, Lead Generator, Engagement Coach, Speaker, Lecturer

This is my Klout-Score before take off.

In the range between 52-63 I saw no real gain, whatever I tried.

A tweepie (Twitter-friend) told me at this time he would use an effective Klout recipe, he found in a group called Klout70.

It was not necessary to forward it to me.

For your convenience here is that document.

After 8 weeks within that group my Klout-score went north.

In July 2015 I appreciate a 71 Klout-Score (s. next image)

I will give you the best 6 tips, that pushed my score to a good level.


If your are prepared to learn and to invest half an hour every day (7 days a week) the outcome will not only be a sky high Klout score for you.


It will also

  • change the way you do business,
  • increase your visibility,
  • generate leads for your business, 
  • make you aware of industry trends
  • increase your reputation
  • get you better followers
  • focus your social media activities

How to massively increase your Klout

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