Bannersbroker Insider packt aus

Bannersbroker ein Ponzi von Anfang an - über dreiste Diebe und smarte Internet-Betrüger

Ein Bannersbroker Insider hat ausgepackt. Die ganze Wahrheit über die Betrüger- und Diebesbande Kul Josun, Chris Smith, Rajiv Dikshit in dem atemraubenden Blog-Post von "theguardianuno".  (nur als englisches Original verfügbar)


"Whistler" hatte einen Tag zuvor einen Beitrag geschrieben, der stark beachtet wurde. Offensichtlich hat Whistler theguardianuno mit seinem Beitrag provoziert, auszupacken. Insofern ist  theguardianuno eine Art Gegendarstellung.

Die Aussagen und Details in beiden Beiträgen sind äußerst interessant und zeigen, das beide über tiefen Einblick und intime Kenntnis der Geschehnisse und der handelnden Personen verfügen.

Beitrag Whistler:



Just a FYI, use it as you will….

I thought you all would be interested in knowing, that the gentleman that put BB in the situation they’re in…the man behind the “straightline-doubler-cycler” introduction, and all of the other crap BB has had to address and deal with for the past 2 years, Kul, is about to open his own version of BB in Portugal April 1st.

My sources inform me, that he was the initial VP of sales responsible for putting BB on the map, he spread the talk about how the program would double your money, and he was subsequently fired for doing all of that and putting BB in the position they’re in now. If you really want to take a look at how scams get started and how they grow, this is the direction you’ll want to look. He’s behind the $1.4 Million dollars taken from affiliates wrongfully in the UK, and he’s why you’ve got over 500 posts about BB being questionable. Everything he did was poison to BB, and they’ve spent the past year trying to fix what he broke…inside and out. Does BB have problems of their own? Hell yes, but they’re at least working to fix things from my findings. Kul however, has no interest in playing above board…he’s looking to get rich and run.

After looking at my available options, you Finch are the best means to draw attention to this person, his “new company” which is a BB clone by the way, and exposing information so others run from him. He’s counting on your help in keeping BB as the bad guy in order to draw affiliates away to his scheme to get rich off them and then disappear.

BB has issues, and I’ve been digging deep to see where they go, and this fucktard Kul seems to be the main poison BB has been trying to extract while trying to keep their heads afloat. He’s a cancer and people need to be warned of his actions.

As I uncover more information I’ll pass it on.

Keep up the fight!


Bannersbroker Insider packt aus

So all in all Bannersbroker is a complete mess

"First I will lay out a picture for everyone on how things have happened, I will then address Whistlers post.
Let me make this clear the official story BB uses now is not entirely true, neither was the story Kul used at meetings when he travelled around each country under Chris Smith's supervision and direction as the "VP of sales and marketing". BB started with Kul Josun, Chris Smith, Lorenzo Gurini and Raj Dikshit. They borrowed $30,000 from Kul Josun's brother who they paid back $90,000.
When I say BB is run by amateurs I truly mean this and you will understand why. There has always been fighting behind the scenes, Chris Smith is a quiet guy who lets Raj Dikshit command everything. In the early days Kul Josun used to think his position was higher than it was and would order the staff around like he was above them. This caused problems between him and Lorenzo Gurini which eventually lead to them all send Kul Josun off to do meetings when they were up to something and didn't want him to know about.
So Kul Would travel to the UK, Ireland, Portugal and doing meetings with the people who would be the IC's eventually. For anyone who attended these meetings it was clear Kul couldn't answer any questions and he would sit back basically and everyone thought he was awesome for some reason. He also told people he was the only owner. I have it on good authority that the then that "not IC's" didn't have contact with Chris Smith and Kul was their only contact for any problems.
Kul was never a professional, I know many people who joined BB in those days who were waiting weeks for their accounts to be funded because Kul messed around. People were told to send funds to bank accounts which Kul would then fund their Ewallet. This was a time when people would join with 20/30/40k +. Eventually his daughter came into the picture and they would take peoples details who had problems and say they would fix things which never happened.
I have a person who now regrets their actions but they were involved with the scammer group I mentioned previously, this group was originally going to blackmail Kul via Sharon James trying to sleep with him and then Imitaz Aslam planning to hire a call girl. In the end they didn't have to do any of this as they managed to get Kul onside to get Ian Driscoll removed from BB as they wanted his position. 
Suddenly this group of con men are cross pitching Zeek Rewards at the UK meetings and it apparently took lots of effort to get Kul to act, which makes perfect sense when you know the full picture. BB HQ eventually sent Sharon, Imitaz, Keith all cease and desist letters with the understanding that the next thing they did wrong would cause them to be removed from Banners Broker.
In-between all this Banners Broker was about to hand Lieven Van Neste the whole account management setup, which he would have people working for next to nothing whilst he creamed the big cut for overseeing all this. Eventually Lieven was removed from BB and everyone was told not to talk with him or you will be kicked out as well. No one knows why this happened but it came about later that Kul had a hand in this and used Raj to facilitate it. Eventually Banners Broker would pay off Lieven to keep him quiet after he was going to serve legals to them at the Ireland Event.
Now the Portugal event was happening, this would be the first time anyone has seen Chris Smith and Raj Dikshit. Insider info tells me Kul booked the most expensive room at the hotel and Raj/Chris got very basic ones with their families.
One day Chris/Raj went out on a family day when Kul told all the now IC's there was a meeting, it turned out whilst Chris/Raj were out Kul invited a German MLM company (NWA ) to do a presentation to the IC's in an effort to sign them up and buy a country position and thousands in product, which he wanted them to run alongside BB. A few IC's went straight to Raj who then took them to Chris, Chris locked Kul's BB account and told him to speak to him via the locked message. It turned out a few weeks previously Kul has withdrawn $60,000 from his BB account to buy into this company under his daughters name without her knowing, when Chris/Raj grilled her over this she left the event in tears, Kul vanished as well.
Then another guy from the UK appeared called Michael Young and attempted to carrying out black mail against Banners Broker as it turned out Imitaz Aslam has taken Kul to meet this guy when he visited Manchester earlier.
It turned out that Kul had sold all the IC's that he was the owner with Chris Smith working for them as they only had contact with him. He also came to light he had given people different bank accounts and siphoned millions from all the countries (Ireland, UK, Portugal and India) to his personal offshore accounts. Take note BB/Stellarpoint's Terry Stern recently was very happy to try and pass the blame onto Ian Driscoll for this but now the truth has come out.
The funny thing is, Chris Smith let Kul walk away with those millions and also paid him off on top of this, the big question is why, any honest business would go after him using the law and authorities, but they needed to keep him quiet.
Let me make this clear, everything Kul Josun managed to do was because of the way Chris Smith and Raj Dikshit run BB, like amateurs and allowed their staff to run wild. Any legitimate audit will bring Banners Broker, Raj and Chris to their knees as Kul took millions which they cannot explain. They have never kept detailed records or accounting from day one.
So Kul Josun is out of the picture and has been silent from then until now when the Whistler dragged his name into the fold and put all BB's problems onto him. Kul is again trying to get BB people into several other dubious things with Kulclub ( Very Funny ) and in all probability gulible people will get ensnared.
The funny thing is despite Lieven and Kul removed, Raj Dikshit has taken the power position in running and controlling EVERYTHING, Chris Smith is a yes man who lets Raj control the entire operation through Stellarpoint.
After Portugal Kul was silent, his team mates Imitaz Aslam, Sharon James, Carol Matthews ect were not. They went around selling their stock (panels) for below BB prices and sold their multiple positions. Imitaz Aslam told everyone BB would be gone by Christmas 2012 as he was working with Kul.
Eventually Kul lead them all down the garden path getting them to pay for his medical expenses in the UK, joining Sizzle and they realised he played them. Now they tag along with Simon Stepsys and cross-pitch Empower Network which David Hooker allows them to do at UK meetings despite many complaints to him. Then they all get taken out to Canada and get a tour and time with Chris Smith, talk about amateur hour after everything that's happened ...
Whistler, I hope this has educated you and you see that Chis and BB create their own problems. BB are not a fantastic company nor are the people behind it now, they are outright liars and con men of the highest level who on a daily basis deceive their affiliates and have no regard for them, you only need to look at how many people depend on payments and BB have not made any effort to do them for 5 months now or add multiple payout options, they have limited everyone using silly rules which they change at will without informing people and instructing them to re-read and accept.
the cancer you speak of are people like 
- Raj Dikshit who controls BB through Stellarpoint- Simon Stepsys and all the other conmen selling thousands of panels for cash in hand and making excuses for BB and roping people into BB for their own pure greed- Every BB affiliate who can't use their head and just thinks everything is perfect and awesome
As for Kul opening his own version of BB, no he is not, he openly spoke last year about doing portfolio type setup which included Forex deals and selling land and hair brained schemes, Josun has never even succeeded in building a team. He deceived leaders all around the World that he owned BBI and that they were a legitimate company doing advertising and it only started to show all the cracks and discrepancies later, so suspicions were raised and some of those leaders started to realise they had made big mistakes and backed off. The payment crisis with BBI is now at epic proportions with affiliates all over the world being owed serious amounts of money and deeply concerned if or when they will get paid, and the limits imposed on them. So all in all its a complete mess."


Danke für Eure Unterstützung, Bannersbroker hat im Internet keine Chance mehr, denn von Suchmaschinen- und Online Marketing verstehen sie fast nichts!

Unsere kleine Seite Platz 1 bei Google in Deutschland unter dem Keyword "Bannersbroker" (s. Bild unten) - peinlich für Bannersbroker, dass Google relevantere Seiten bevorzugt. Tja, Chris, Kul und Raj, Euch wird es immer ein Geheimnis bleiben, wie das wohl funktioniert - ihr könnt ja dafür Euch selbst und Eure Mitglieder bestehlen.


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Google weiss, warum dieser Blog relevanter ist, als alle Potemkinschen Dörfer von Bannersbroker. Nicht mal schafft es noch auf den ersten Platz. So können viele gewarnt werden vor dem Schwindel.

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    Michael Zachrau (Montag, 25 März 2013 16:05)

    Folgende Fundstelle bei, einer super-sachlichen und allein der Aufklärung verpflichteten Webseite fand ich ganz goldig und irgendwie treffend ;-)
    "Jeder Mensch hat das Entscheidungsrecht, die Einen laufen Zachraus hinterher und die Anderen machen ein erfolgreiches bb-Geschäft. Das trennt die Spreu vom Weizen und das ist
    gut so." Ulrich Hoppe
    Danke Uli, wenn BB platt ist, mache ich Werbung mit Deinem Zitat! Hätte ich nicht schöner sagen können :-D

    Aber langsam kommt selbst bei den Bannersbroker Fanatikern Frust auf:
    "Was mich etwas verstört, sind aber gleichzeitig die Kommentare von vielen BB Usern, besonders auf einer bestimmten Plattform. Warum ist dies so?
    Wenn man über den Tellerrand hinausschaut und in diversen Foren amerikanischen und englischen Ursprungs ließt, dann werden Stimmen gegen BB immer aggresiver, immer lauter und vor allem nehmen diese zu. Und ungeachtet über eine Wertung über Banners Broker, was es ist und was nicht, gibt es trotz allem berechtigte Fragen und Klärungsbedarf. Diese werden nun mal nicht weniger und verschwinden wie von Geisterhand geheilt.
    Mal ganz sachlich und ohne Wertung betrachtet. Da gibt es ein Unternehmen, welches mit einer revolutionären Idee den Online Markt umkrempeln möchte oder dies bereits getan hat. Viele Partner von Bannersbroker sind bereit, in diese Idee mit eigenem Kapital einzusteigen und sich so ihr Business aufzubauen. Und es funktioniert wie mehrmals bewiesen auch entsprechend. Spätestens jetzt kommen die Neider und Lobbyisten auf den Plan, welche dieses Modell als eine Gefahr für ihr Business sehen. Und was passiert, es wird gegen BB gearbeitet, es werden Behauptungen und Thesen aufgestellt, welche dieses Modell in Mißgunst bringen sollen. Bis dato passiert dies jeden Tag auf der Welt in unterschiedlichen Business Bereichen. Dabei ist ein Fakt aber entscheidend, wie gehe ich als angegriffenes Unternehmen mit diesen Leuten um. Ich kann es negieren und ignorieren oder dagegen offensiv vorgehen. Nun macht es nicht immer Sinn, den offensivern Weg zu bestreiten, das Ergebnis ist dann vielleicht dieses wie der Blog des Herrn Zachrau. Aber und dies ist nun mal auch ein Problem, wie lange kann ich alles negieren oder ignorieren? Hier geht es um Vertrauen, Vertrauen der bestehenden Partner und zukünftiger in dieses Business, Vertrauen aufzubauen und vor allem zu halten, das dieses Business weiter wächtst und dazu gehört auch letztenendes, dass Geld, reales Geld in dieses Business gebracht wird. Und dann sollte man als Unternehmen wie Banners Broker schon genau abwägen, welchen Weg man gehen sollte, um mit der anstehenden Kritik umzugehen. Und ehrlich gesagt, wenn man dann wie auf der Community bei Facebook die Kommentare zu den Fragen über BB ließt, fragt man sich manchmal, wo ist man hier gelandet. Da wird jede Frage, ob berechtigt oder nicht, im Keim erstickt, indem man Ratschläge erteilt, das Business besser kennzulernen, man doch das Business nicht weiter betreiben sollte etc. Sorry, dies beantwortet immer noch nicht die im Raum stehenden Fragen und Vorwürfe, im Gegenteil, sie sind Wasser auf den Mühlen der Krititker und Gegner.
    Es geht bei dem Ganzen doch schon lange nicht mehr darum, wann und mit welcher Summe der einzelne bei Banners Broker gestartet ist und das alles gut läuft, die Panels wachsen oder das EWallet an Wert zunimmt, es geht um das eigentliche Geschäftsmodell, um die Grundpfeiler von Banners Broker, um die Seriösität dieses Unternehmens.
    Um es klar und deutlich zu sagen, ich persönlich glaube immer noch an dieses Geschäftsmodell und gerade deshalb darf es aber auch erlaubt sein, Fragen zu stellen, auch wenn diese unangenehm oder kritischer Natur sind. Und das man dann klare Antworten bekommt, keine Polemik, keine persönlichen Angriffe oder dergleichen.
    Auch wenn durch das Arrangement von Ihnen Herr Zenker und Herrn Schäfer versucht wird, dieses Business zu erklären, offene Fragen zu beantworten, bleiben viele Behauptungen bestehen, viele Beschuldigungen weiter im Raum, und dies einfach deshalb, weil nur die Verantwortlichen von Banners Broker dieses Antworten liefern können, klare Positionen beziehen und dieses zu entkräftigen in der Lage sind.
    In diesem Sinne wünsche ich uns allen, dass Banners Broker wieder ruhigeres Fahrwasser erreicht, die Erfolgsgeschichte weiter fortgeschrieben wird."

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    Fromage (Montag, 25 März 2013 17:48)

    Merci pour la recommandation! Je vais effectivement répondre à toutes les applications en temps de candidats qualifiés - mais qui Piper veut travailler, si l'on veut gagner au Courtier Bannière tellement plus - sans travail et, ce qui est plus important pour beaucoup - sans éducation, sans expérience pratique? ;-) C'est certainement beaucoup plus facile de changer les choses tordues et participer à un Ponzi, poursuivi aussi longtemps une personne pour cela. Le pire est encore connu pour bannières fanatiques courtier - non seulement la perte totale de tous les "groupes spéciaux", mais le tribunal Nchspiel.